" Pede-me, and I will give you the names for the country and the extremities of the land for your possession." Psalm 2.8

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"Olá! Meu nome é Fábio, and I was a pastor in the Methodist Church in Venda Nova - BH for 9 years. We revitalized this church, which in the last 60 years has been planting more than five new churches and leading planting projects that ainda estão em andamento I was a professor at four seminars in Brazil and author of 25 books.

We are a project of Plantação de igreja começa em Setembro de 2020. We are going to start a non-Bavarian Methodist church of Barley Mow Estate, born in Chester-le-Street. This bairro has been haunted by high rates of poverty, criminal incidents, drug use, depression and crime. This bairro is not afraid of a Methodist church and he did not challenge us to develop this local community. "

Família Vilela: a pequena Angélica e o casal  Aline e Fábio

Fabio Passos Vilela
Cell: +44 07561 813 494
Facebook: Fábio Vilela
Instagram: @fabinhovilela
Twitter: @passosvilela

Aline Azevedo do Amaral Vilela
Cell: +44 07561 817 098
Facebook: Aline Vilela
Instagram: @alineavilela